• Nicaragua - Montañita
  • Nicaragua - Montañita
  • Nicaragua - Montañita

Nicaragua - Montañita




Roast level: Medium/Light

A delicious, balanced cup with rich caramel, sugar cane sweetness

Tasting notes:  Put enough heat on sugar and it begins to caramelize, giving a complex, warm sweetness. This Nicaraguan coffee is decidedly clean and balanced, while offering up the comforts of caramel and sugar cane flavors.

Producer notes: Through the support of importers like Caravela Coffee, small independent farmers like Jaime Rivera and Karen Herrera of La Montañita can focus on coffee quality across their 9 hectare farm. In recent years, they’ve invested in farm-wide sustainability efforts and upgraded processing equipment, leaving us with delicious coffees that get better each year.

Varietals: Caturra, Maragogype, Catimor

Processing method: Washed

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