• Myanmar: Moe Htet

Myanmar: Moe Htet




Roast level: Medium/Light

A delicious, balanced coffee from an emerging coffee growing region

Tasting notes: Chocolate, carob, caramel

Producer notes: Myanmar, formerly Burma, is a relative newcomer to the world of specialty coffee. We like to think that their emergence onto the scene is our little secret (for now), but the small family farms in the Shan State are eager to show global aficionados how hard they’ve been working on quality coffees. Moe Htet, a small farm in Northern Shan State, sits at about 1,100 meters above sea level, an elevation ideal for high-quality arabica coffee. Coffee isn’t their only crop though; Moe Htet produces jackfruit, beans, papaya, and more. While most farms and co-ops in Myanmar process their coffees with the fruit intact, Moe Htet opts for a washed method that we think results in a delicate mix of chocolate and caramel flavors in the cup.

Variety: Naung Cho, SL-34

Processing method: Washed

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