• Meadow Organic Medium Roast - Every 2 Weeks

Meadow Organic Medium Roast - Every 2 Weeks



Size: 12oz

Roast level: Medium

Tasting notes:  Chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts

Description:  Mendocino County measures 3,878 square miles, most of which is wilderness.  Beautiful, remote meadows are only a short walk away no matter where you are. This certified organic coffee symbolizes our connection with our sense of place. It has just the right amount of sweetness and character that makes you yearn for home.

  • Designed to be a very pleasing coffee. not too dark, not too light
  • Smooth, sweet flavors of chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts
  • Roasted from 100% current crop, Certified Organic specialty-grade coffees

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