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Kenya - Zawadi

Female Farmer Series Holiday roast

We are celebrating female coffee farmers and supporting women’s health with our delicious new single origin

Plum, Cherry, Dark Chocolate




Plum, cherry and dark chocolate highlight this well balanced coffee from Kenya. Unlike many coffees from Kenya, which tend to have high acid and flavors of red wine, this coffee is well balanced, featuring notes of dark brown sugar and chocolate to go along with elements of red fruits. This balanced profile makes it a great candidate for single-origin espresso as well.

Social impact: In addition to sourcing this coffee from 100% female owned coffee farms, 10% off all profits from this coffee go to support Grounds for Health.

Grounds for Health screens and treats for cervical cancer in coffee producing countries. By identifying a health issue with a known solution and focusing on access, Grounds for Health is able to dramatically reduce the mortality rate from cervical cancer in developing countries. Black Oak Coffee’s project with Grounds for Health is the only one of its kind in the United States. Read more about Grounds for Health.

Producer Notes: In Kenya, coffee is still hand harvested and hand sorted by a majority female workforce at cooperatives and farms are almost exclusively owned by men. This coffee is produced by the Kabngetuny Cooperative Society, which in 2015, transferred ownership to the women that produce the coffee. 

With about 70 trees each, nearly 400 women formed an association within the Kabngetuny cooperative. Having their own trees has meant that they could become cooperative members, open bank accounts, and get paid directly for the coffee they delivered to the factory. At first, their coffee was used exclusively to create a national brand of roasted coffee called Zawadi, “the gift” in the Swahili language. But, many within the cooperative noticed that the quality was better than other coffees produced at the factory, so they began selling this coffee directly at a premium cost. 

These women have been making good investment decisions for their coffee trees and their families using the money they earned from the harvest. They have succeeded in other initiatives like converting their kitchen stoves from wood to biogas fuel, dramatically reducing the time required for collecting firewood each day. They are also using the same biogas technology to diversify their income beyond coffee with a maize mill project.

Variety: Batian, K7, SL28, SL34, and Ruiru 11Processing Method: Washed

Size:12oz   Roast level: Medium/Light

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