• Honduras - Pacayal Honey


Honduras - Pacayal Honey

Brilliant flavors in this honey processed coffee from a small female -owned farm

Caramel, Red Fruit, Toasted Sugar



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This coffee exhibits the best in classic coffee flavor: gobs of layered sugar browning notes with a balanced, well structured apple and grape acidity.  

Producer Notes: The Honduran coffee industry has suffered much over the past decade. Labor shortages, societal instability, falling coffee prices, and an outbreak of coffee leaf rust has made coffee into a nearly unviable industry there. This coffee comes from the Pacayal, a collective of 134 farmers, 54 of whom are women, that came together to support a more direct trade model that is driven by their coffee being delicious enough to command a premium. This particular lot comes from Mirna Vasquez’ two hectare farm - Finca Johelita, which has now sold premium coffee more directly to the US, Japan, and Ireland. The premiums from the coffee allow Mirina to put her daughter, the farm’s namesake, through school.

Brew Notes: This coffee tastes good with a variety of brew methods. Coarser ground brews highlight the toasted sugar and caramel sweetness this coffee has to offer. Finer ground cups offer more fruit complexity.

Processing Method: Honey

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

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