• Ethiopia - Shakiso Natural
  • Ethiopia - Shakiso Natural
  • Ethiopia - Shakiso Natural

Ethiopia - Shakiso Natural



Naturally processed, perfectly produced, precisely roasted — Ethiopia Shakiso Kayon Mountain is a beautifully sweet cup.

Size: 12oz

Roast level:  Medium/Light

Tasting notes: Fresh blueberries, ripe farmers market strawberries and wildflower honey aromatics highlight this beautiful, clean, natural processed gem.

Producer notes: Family-owned and operated, Kayon Mountain farm sits in Shakiso, in the Guji zone in Southern Ethiopia. This natural process coffee stands apart from other southern classics like Yirgacheffe or Sidamo, while still sharing some of their trademark fruited and floral liveliness. With an on-site mill — handling both dry and wet processing — the Kayon Mountain farm has a direct hand in the quality of their coffees from start to finish, ensuring the best possible coffee makes it off the farm. Breathe deep over the fresh grounds and treat yourself to blueberry, strawberry, and honey aromatics. In the cup, brace yourself for raw sweetness — Shakiso is packed with interestingness and features classic Guji fingerprints: fresh strawberries, blueberry and light brown sugar. Brewed with a filter, a la pour over, Shakiso Kayon Mountain is clean, sweet, and completely intriguing.

Varietals:  Heirloom

Processing method:  Naturally processed 

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