• Ethiopia - Sakaro - 5 Pound Bag


Ethiopia - Sakaro - 5 Pound Bag

Exquisite, nectarine, and tropical flower blossoms in this award winning coffee

Peach, Jasmine, Jackfruit



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Awards: Sakaro won three medals in the 2019 Golden Bean of North America competition: Filter, Espresso, Milk Based Espresso

Beautiful peach and apricot stone fruits and jasmine are joined by fragrant herbal notes like rosemary, and savory tropical fruits like jackfruit and horned melon. We’re head over heels from this delicious coffee from Gedeb, our favorite sub region of Yirgacheffe. This is the kind of coffee that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

Producer Notes:  Mijane Woresa, who has worked in coffee for more than 30 years, recently took the initiative to establish an export company with his family members to sell lots directly from their two washing stations within the legendary coffee producing district of Gedeb.  Selling directly from the washing stations reduces a costly middleman and allows for increased transparency and profit for the small farmers that use the stations for processing. 

As a family owned business, Mijane and his family emphasize social impact in the communities where they source coffee. They have invested in localized cherry collection sites to reduce the transportation cost for small producers. They have also contributed to road construction projects that make travel easier for everyone. They are also responding to local community needs by investing in school and youth sports infrastructure projects. 

This Sakaro coffee is sourced from 410 farmers who cultivate coffee on small plots and deliver the ripe coffee fruit  to the family-owned washing stations. The families are meticulous in processing this coffee to produce its sweet, aromatic and delicate flavor notes.  The cherries are floated (to separate lower quality beans) and hand sorted three times during processing.  

Brew Notes
This coffee has subtle delicate flavors, and is absolutely delicious when brewed well. Don’t worry if your drain down times take 30 seconds longer than normal in pour overs.  Our light roasted Ethiopian coffees usually hold on to some chaff, which tends to slow down the draining process.

Varieties:  Heirloom      Processing Method:  Double Washed

Size: 12oz      Roast: Light

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