• Ethiopia - Hambela Alaka
  • Ethiopia - Hambela Alaka
  • Ethiopia - Hambela Alaka

Ethiopia - Hambela Alaka



A beautiful coffee with a rich history

Official Finalist: Good Food Awards 2018  
See a list of our fellow nominees at the Good Food Awards 2018 Announcement Page.

Winner: Bronze - Espresso - Golden Bean 2017 Roasting Competition

Certified Organic


Roast level: Medium/Light

Tasting notes: Sweetness of raw sugar cane, stone fruit, and vibrant floral tones.

Producer notes: Managed by Aman Adinew, Hambela Estate, located in Southern Ethiopia on the border of the Sidama and Guji zones, is a coffee farm with roots going back to Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.  A land grant by Emperor Selassie to Mulumebet Emiru, Africa’s first female pilot and family matriarch, created the coffee growing estate.  Three generations later Hambela employs over 70% women, provides technical assistance to local farmers and was the first organization to partner with Grounds for Health in Ethiopia to implement a cervical cancer screening program.  

Varietals: Indigenous heirloom cultivars.

Processing method: Washed

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