• Ethiopia: Gedeb Lot 002
  • Ethiopia: Gedeb Lot 002
  • Ethiopia: Gedeb Lot 002
  • Ethiopia: Gedeb Lot 002
  • Ethiopia: Gedeb Lot 002

Ethiopia: Gedeb Lot 002


Our limited run of Gedeb Lot 002 has sold out.

If you loved and will miss it as much as we will, try another of our prize-winning Ethiopian, which was named Champion at Golden Bean 2017:

"Chelelektu Natural"


Size: 12oz

Roast level: Medium/Light

Tasting notes:  A complex blend of ripe stone fruits (apricot, peach), grape, herbal and spicy flavors (jasmine, white pepper), and tropical fruits (tamarind, pineapple). Every time we brew this coffee we get a slightly different look at its complex flavor. This is a truly memorable coffee, one that has a dense, layered complexity, unique even to washed Ethiopian coffees. We evaluate hundreds of coffees per year to select a small number of special lots for our single origin offerings. There are a few coffees that stand above this prestigious grouping, coffees that are flashbulbs in our taste memory. Gedeb Lot 002 is one of those coffees that will stick with us for years to come.

Producer notes:   Gedeb refers to the city of Gedeb, located near the town of Yirgacheffe, in southern Ethiopia. Gedeb Lot 002 is a single lot selection from the Worka Cooperative. The cooperative has 411 member farmers whose farms range in altitude from 1900 to a staggering 2700 meters. The Worka Cooperative coffee is certified Fair Trade and Organic.  

Varieties: Heirloom. As the home of coffee, Ethiopia has hundreds of different coffee varieties inter-planted. The flavor profiles of each growing region will reflect the shifting mosaic of coffees that make up a region's selection of heirloom varietals. In the wine business, they call this a "field blend".

Processing method: Washed


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