• Ethiopia - Bensa Natural 5 Pound Bag


Ethiopia - Bensa Natural 5 Pound Bag

A cup of excellence from producer to roaster

Raspberry, Tropical Fruit, Complex Jam



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This coffee opens with the unmistakable flavors of strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. The pleasant fruity acidity associated with strawberry is balanced by the sweetness of milk chocolate and sweet toasted barley. As the stronger flavors recede, the coffee finishes with hints of floral notes.

Producer Notes
Life has the unfortunate tendency to obscure our appreciation of the wonderful things that populate our every day. The same underlying pattern that gives rise to our taking everyday miracles for granted, obscures the spectacularity of good coffee. The averagely good Ethiopian coffee, so breathtaking when tasted alone or next to truly average coffee, quickly fades in a sea of similarly amazing Ethiopian coffee. But, every so often a coffee appears that is notably and significantly better than the rest, similar to a 375 foot redwood in a forest populated with 200 foot trees. We search through hundreds of samples looking for these outstandingly good outliers and are happy to have found one in this coffee. 

This coffee is one produced under the purview of Daye Bensa. Bensa operates several farms and washing stations that are located and source coffee at the uppermost reaches of coffee’s maximum growing altitude. His unique approach to production has won several distinguished awards while at the same time improving the lives of the coffee producers.

After having purchased this lot, it went on to win seventh place amongst thousands of entrants in the Ethiopian Cup of Excellence. So while this coffee may not be the single best coffee in the world, it isn’t at all far from it.

Brew Notes
This coffee can produce a wide range of delicious cups varying greatly in flavor, body, and structure. We recommend using a 1:15 brew ratio and steeping with water between 185-200℉ for no more than three minutes. Higher brew ratios (~1:13) result in more structured, heavily bodied, cups while lower brew ratios (~1:16) allow for the flavors to open up a bit more.

Varieties:  Heirloom      Processing Method:  Natural

Size: 12oz      Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent Ethiopia

Love the coffee - crisp, flavorful. Great ethiopia.

Like a bag of fresh fruit

The freshly roasted beans smell like a bag full of fruit. A black cup brings that fruit to the tongue with a light tannin feel after. A little sweetener and milk soften the mouth feel and enhance the fruit flavors.

I enjoy it on it’s own but have been experimenting with adding beans from Mexico to enhance the milk chocolate flavor. Together, along with milk and sweetener, I get a velvety, chocolate-strawberry flavor with a soft mouth feel. Absolutely delicious!


Love the rich acorny taste of Ethiopia, where I've never been.

Beautiful, subtle.elegant coffee

Sit's like silk in the mouth, nice evident fruity tones and a rich chocolate undertone..a really enjoyable cup of coffee..

Best African coffee

This is the best coffe I have tasted. Coffee has low acidic body, rich cherry and berry flavors ending with a woody rich cherry after taste. I love this coff

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