• Costa Rica - Finca Salazar Natural
  • Costa Rica - Finca Salazar Natural


Costa Rica - Finca Salazar Natural

Naturally Delicious

Blackberry, Strawberry, Buttercream



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Blackberry with blueberry tones combine with tart notes of raspberry and strawberry in the initial profile of this coffee. As the red fruit acidity fades, the heavy body of this coffee melds with the fruit flavors to give the impression of fruity buttercream. The coffee finishes with dark red fruit notes akin to a fine, deep red wine.

Producer Notes

There is nowhere quite like Costa Rica when it comes to coffee processing and micro-mill innovations. The producer of this lot, Danilo Salazar, has dedicated the better half of 50 years perfecting various processing techniques at his 30-acre farm in the West Valley region of Naranjo within the province of Alajuela. Much of the recent innovation in processing has been fueled by Danilo’s son, Pablo Andrés. The pair works together using their own micro-mill where cherry selection and drying are meticulously executed. This natural processed coffee is an example of precisely executed coffee farming and processing, which eliminates the need to wash the coffee and greatly reduces the environmental impact, while at the same time, producing a top quality cup profile.

Brew Tips

This coffee can produce a wide range of cup profiles, depending on the brew technique. Higher brew ratios, on the order of 1:14, produce cups with heavy body and sweetness, while cups at a ~1:16 brew ratio tend to highlight more of the lighter fruit notes. In any case, we recommend steeping with 190-200℉ water for no more than three and a half minutes.

Varieties: Caturra, Red Catuai, and Villa Sarchi

Processing Method: Natural

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I almost don't want to tell you how good it is 'cause I want it all for myself

Have you ever, as consumer, known that something was so good and that everyone who really loves this type of thing should try it, but at the same time been reluctant to share how good it is because you want it all for yourself? That is me writing this review. This coffee is SO GOOD. As parents to preschool aged twins who both have full-time jobs, my husband and I have become very serious about our coffee. We also like variety, however, so we like to try new things. Now, I should explain that typically my husband makes the coffee in the morning and puts it in a travel mug for me to drink at work. I know that travel mug isn't ideal for a coffee flavor, but sometimes ya gotta make due. This coffee is so good that I took my first sip of it in a Zoom meeting and literally stopped the conversation to text my husband about how good it is. It's so good, it feels like a guilty pleasure. I wish I was the sort of person who could tell you that it has a floral nose with a citrus body and a final note of gravel or whatever, but I'm not. Friends, this coffee is just good. We're now a year into a global pandemic. Buy this coffee. Make this coffee. Let one cup of coffee feel like self-care. Even if your twins are screaming and you're late for work. You won't regret it.


Even by Black Oak Coffee standards, this coffee from Costa Rica is spectacular. Bright, sweet, complex... divine :)



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