• Colombia - Monteblanco


Colombia - Monteblanco

The 2019 US Roaster Championship Coffee

Apple, Caramel, Turbinado



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A bright apple start is rounded out by sweet notes of caramel and turbinado sugar in this well balanced, rich coffee.

Producer Notes: Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia now operates the family farm, Finca Monteblanco. Started by his grandfather, the Monteblanco farm encompasses a modest 18 hectareas and both wet and dry coffee mills that Rodrigo uses to process the numerous varieties cultivated on the farm. As a boy, Rodrigo participated in a coffee education course which taught him the fundamentals of coffee cup quality, which spurred his investigations into how to consistently produce great coffee that commands higher prices. Almost two decades after that original course, Rodrigo’s coffee was used as the US Roaster Championship Coffee, where it was roasted by our own champion Steve Cuevas. Our team liked the coffee so much we decided to exhibit it as one of our single origin offerings.

Varieties: Red Caturra

Processing Method: Washed

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

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