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Size: 12oz

Roast level:  Light

Tasting Notes: Los Monjes has classic clean cup profile with a bright, vibrant structure.  Typical of a great Huila coffee, sugar browning notes are complimented by beautiful acids.  We note cane sugar, overlaid with melon (cantaloupe or honeydew) and a hint of tropical fruit acidity (Lychee was our best guess).

Producer notes: Los Monjes is a small lot relationship coffee from 100 producer families (each with farms smaller than four hectares) in the municipality of Oporapa.  Their coffees are shade grown under plantain and chachafruto trees.  Los Monjes is named for the monastery overlooking the small town in the department of Huila.

Colombia is the world’s second largest producer of Arabica coffee (to Brazil) and has a huge variety of growing regions.  Most Colombian coffee is traded as Supremo or Excelso.  These terms relate only to the size of the coffee seed or bean.  A typical lot of coffee from Colombia may not contain any regional designation, let alone the town or farmers that produced that coffee.  This means the average coffee farmer is receiving a price very close to, or below, the commodity price of coffee which currently sits at about $1.30 per pound. 

This lot, from the Los Monjes producer group, is a stark contrast from the typical Colombian coffee purchase.   While the ultimate goal for Black Oak is to produce a great cup of coffee, the traceability allows us to give feedback to the producers on what we want to see in the cup.  From a consumer perspective, this traceability allows you to learn about the farmers and regions which produce unique and memorable flavors. 

Varietals: Caturra(majority), Castillo, Colombia, Typica

Processing Method: Washed

About Us

A cup of coffee is practically a religious experience for us. We revere it, we crave it and we anticipate brewing and drinking it every day. Every coffee has a story, a history of soil, people and culture that make each one special. And it’s that combination that keeps us curious to learn about and eager to experience the next cup.

Even here in Northern California’s wine country, we believe that coffee has no culinary peer. Over 400 flavor compounds make up the unique aroma and taste that we experience when we smell and drink it. It’s that moment of astonishment at the cupping table when we crack the crust of a coffee with the right combination of those 400 compounds that drives us to find the best and highest quality lots available anywhere.


At Black Oak Coffee Roasters, we seek to express the true origin character of our coffees. Origin character is what tells the coffee’s story most vividly. We look for ripe, voluptuous sweetness and body to carry the coffee’s personality over the palate. And we want our coffee to linger in your head after you’ve tasted it, like a passage from your favorite novel.

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