• Colombia - La Loma Sidra


Colombia - La Loma Sidra

A truly superlative coffee

Guava, Rose, Raspberry



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Our first ever Rare Coffee Series release

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La Loma Sidra Tasting Notes

The scent of this coffee lets you know that it’s something special. Tropical fruit and floral notes abound in the nose of this coffee and continue into the first sip. Bright pineapple and fruity papaya notes open this coffee and mingle with floral notes as the cup progresses, producing more delicate fruit notes of guava, jackfruit, and lychee. As the tropical fruit notes fade into the background, rose, black tea, and bergamot come into focus before the cup finishes with lingering notes of fine dark chocolate and strong red fruit notes of dehydrated raspberry and strawberry.

About The Coffee Producer

A coffee this special begins with the unique genetics of the Sidra variety. The origins of Sidra are not well understood, but genetic analysis indicates the variety is a hybrid of Bourbon and Typica varieties. The cup quality of Sidra can be world class. Sidra has been used to win numerous awards including multiple world barista championships.

This coffee was produced on Finca La Loma, a small farm in Huila operated by Rodrigo Valencia. The farm also includes a mill to allow a great level of control over the coffee from the ground up.

This particular batch of Sidra is composed of cherries with brix levels at and above 26. Brix is a measure of sweetness in which the degree and sugar content are in positive correlation. For reference, almost all coffee falls between 15 and 25 degrees brix. The coffee cherries were fully pulped and then fermented anaerobically for 80 hours at between 50-55F. The fermented coffee was once again washed before being dried on shaded raised beds over a 25 day period.

The combination of top quality genetics, terroir, care, and a novel approach of employing techniques typically relegated to washed or natural processes, all came together to produce a coffee with an astounding depth and range of flavors.

How To Brew This Complex Colombian Single Origin

This coffee certainly deserves careful brewing. We brew this coffee with the following parameters:

  • Between a 1:13.5 ratio and a 1:14 ratio.
  • Much cooler than usual water, 185°-195°F
  • A light bloom consisting of between 1/6th and 1/7th of the total brew volume for 30 seconds.
  • Our total brew time is between 2:45 and 3:45 minutes

Producer: Rodrigo Valencia at Finca La Loma in Huila, Colombia

Varieties: Sidra

Processing Method: Fully washed, 80 hour anaerobic cold fermentation, dried on shaded raised beds over 25 days

Altitude: 5400'

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
DJ Trav

This is the single most vibrant coffee I have ever tasted, including other anaerobics. It's incredibly complex (even with my heathen French press), but though the flavor pops you in the mouth (it's almost like a "natural flavors added" version of coffee), the floral and brighter fruit notes make it feel almost delicate at the same time? Kinda hard to wrap my head around. Definitely a coffee for musing on, rather than gulping while mindlessly shoveling down cereal, one foot out the door. And while I certainly couldn't afford it on the regular (and I'm not even sure my tongue would want a coffee this amped up every day), I'm really glad my subscription discount encouraged me to splurge. This one's an experience.

Amazing fruit and floral

This coffee is exquisite. It's light and sweet, with comparatively low oil. I brewed as a pour over as well as a blooming espresso, both of which had amazing notes that changed enjoyably as the drink cooled. Strongly recommended.

Caryll Blount

amazing nuance

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