Coffee Club



Two bags of unique, seasonal coffees from 12 different countries: Tour the world of coffee with us.  Each month’s coffee, with no repeats throughout the year, will be chosen to represent the world's best tasting coffees.  In addition to cup quality we will select coffees that are excellent examples of each regions's origin character.  Only the freshest lots will be selected as we follow the coffee harvest around the world.  You will have the opportunity to taste a diverse selection of coffees as well as learn about each region's culture and cultivation practices.

Delivered to your door every month: Two 12 ounce bags will ship out the first Wednesday of every month the day after they are roasted.  Detailed tasting notes, information about the producers, and brewing recommendations will accompany each delivery.  For home baristas we will have recommendations on brewing parameters so you can dial in your setup quickly.  Shipping is included with the price

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