• Brazil - Paraiso Natural


Brazil - Paraiso Natural

An approachable coffee with a rich, balanced, profile that showcases decadent chocolate, nuts and the phenomenal cup potential of the Paraiso variety.

Marshmallow, Caramel, Chocolate



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Coffee Tasting Notes 

Paraiso Natural features decadent baker’s chocolate accented with toasted hazelnuts and a muddled berry acidity. Like many Brazilian coffees, it features lower levels of acidity. 

About The Coffee Producer 

Paraiso Natural was produced on Fazenda Olhos D'Água by partners Marcelo de Assis and Flavio de Silva. Fazenda Olhos D'Água was chosen as the home for their shared venture due to its ideal terroir, which is well suited to the production of specialty coffee. Both partners were born into coffee farming families and grew up on working farms. Their partnership began in 2001 when Marcelo graduated agricultural school and began working on Flavio’s farm. 

This lot of coffee consists entirely of the Paraiso variety, which is a hybrid of Timor and Yellow Catuai. Coffee is picked at an ideal brix level before sorting and slow drying with the coffee fruit intact. The resulting cups are highly elevated and highlight Brazil’s ability to produce arabica of premium quality.

How To Brew This Specialty Coffee

Cups of Paraiso Natural are well balanced and accept a fair range of brew parameters. We recommend between a 1:14 and 1:16 brew ratio. Increase or decrease the brew ratio from there to adjust the intensity of the cups to your liking. Brew water should be between 200-205°F.

Varieties: Paraiso

Processing Method: Sun-dried Natural 

Producer: Fazenda Olhos D'Água

Altitude: 3800–3900' 

Roast: Light 

Customer Reviews

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Great light roast with blueberry notes

A true light roast with nice acidity and wonderful blueberry notes throughout. So glad I found this stuff. You know a coffee is good when it smells good right when you open the bag.

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