• Honduras - La Florencia


Honduras - La Florencia

Incredible sweetness, perfect structure, infallible flavor

Cane Sugar, Mandarin Orange, Tropical Fruit



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This coffee is a strong contender for the best Honduran coffee we have ever tasted. We are wowed by the initial sweetness of this cup and the floral odor this coffee brought to the room as it was cooling. The sweetness is akin to a light brown or cane sugar that is loaded with sweetness with hints of molasses. From there the coffee becomes much more forward on subtle flavors. The acidity is that of mid-sweet, zesty, citrus, such as mandarin or tangelo. Mixed in are tropical floral notes that are as intriguing as they are hard to define, like the first bites of a new, unknown, tropical fruit.  

About the Coffee Producer
We are no strangers to the Pacayal collective, as we featured a honey process coffee from the collective not long ago. The collective is composed of 134 farmers, 54 of whom are women, located in the mountainous, South-West region of Honduras that borders the Pacific. The high altitude and proximity to the Pacific, combined with outstanding farming and milling practices, creates ideal conditions for excellent coffee. 

The producers that compose the collective came together to support a more direct trade model that is enabled by their pooling of resources, organic practices, and their coffee’s ability to command high premiums. 

This lot is composed entirely of the typica variety, which is known for its superior cup qualities. The terroir and meticulous wash processing allows for a unique view of the potential for both the typica variety and Honduran specialty coffee.

How to brew this coffee
This coffee tastes good with a variety of brew methods. Coarser ground brews highlight the sweetness and structure of the coffee, while finer grinds highlight the more subtle fruit and floral notes.

Varieties: Typica

Processing Method: Washed

Altitude: 4400-5600'

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

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Brian Erne
Does not disappoint!

I ordered this along with the Finca Lerida. While both are great, I enjoyed this one a bit more. Even my wife who finds most light roasts too acidic, loved this one when she tried it. Ordered again the other day, and this might make me a subscriber. I like the fruitiness I'm getting with this one.

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