• Zambia - Mafinga Hills

Zambia - Mafinga Hills

A stunning, sugary and vibrant coffee from an exotic origin

Dried Cherry, Plum, Date


When we first tasted this coffee in a blind setting our panel guessed it was from Kenya or Burundi in a nearly 50/50 split.  Regardless of our guesses, we were unanimous about this lot’s quality. Sugary sweet with dark red fruit notes of dried cherry, date , plum and lovely structured finish, this coffee will leave you smiling.

Producer Notes: Zambia’s most well known tourist attraction is Victoria Falls.  We prefer an indigenous name for the falls, Seongo, which means “the place of the rainbow.”  Before the powerful water of the Zambezi river gathers strength to produce its perpetual rainbow, it begins with steady rainfall in the Mafinga Hills in far north of the country.  Mafinga Hills is named for the three coffee estates located in the north highland plateaus of Zambia. A visit to Mafinga Hills inspires a delightful Wikipedia entry, where visitors are advised to bring gifts for chiefs, drink from wild springs, and use caution because the “terrain is rocky with tufts of grass that make it challenging to walk without twisting an ankle.”  The coffee is lovely too!

Varieties:  Catimor, Java, Miracle and Marselles

Processing Method: Washed

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

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