• Sidama and Los Niños Bundle
  • Sidama and Los Niños Bundle
  • Sidama and Los Niños Bundle


Sidama and Los Niños Bundle

Two remarkable coffees from Honduras and Ethiopia

Berry Fruits for one, Rich Chocolate for the other



Sidama Natural, from Ethiopia, opens with the unmistakable flavors of strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. The pleasant fruity acidity associated with strawberry is balanced by the sweetness of milk chocolate and sweet toasted barley. As the stronger flavors recede, the coffee finishes with hints of floral notes.

Bright notes of green apple acidity mellowed by nougaty sweetness dominate the initial flavor profile of Los Niños, from Honduras. Caramel sweetness and notes of chocolate on the finish of this smooth, well-balanced coffee.   

Brew Notes
Both coffees produce great cups with a wide range of brew techniques. We recommend using a 1:12 and 1:15 brew ratio and steeping with water between 195-205℉ for no more than three and a half minutes.

Sidama: Heirloom
Los Niños: 
Catimore, Caturra, Costa Rica, Parainema, Lempira, Catuai Rojo, Pacamara

Processing Method:  
Sidama: Natural
Los Niños: Washed

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

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