• Panama - Finca Lérida Natural


Panama - Finca Lérida Natural

Turbinado sugar and bright strawberry together in a natural done right

Turbinado, Strawberry, Cranberry Reduction



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Tasting Notes

Sweet, bright notes of turbinado sugar and strawberry are opening notes on cups of this coffee. The Strawberry is joined by other bright red fruits such as cranberry, apple, and raspberry, which lends to a flavor impression akin to a cranberry sauce, or red fruit reduction. The flavor profile is characterized by the harmony of bright fruit notes and sweet sugary notes that create well balanced cups.

About the Producers

For information on this coffee’s producer, check out our page for Panama Finca Lérida Washed. 

This coffee lot is composed exclusively of the typica variety. The name Typica belies the fascinating journey that spans the globe and covers more than four centuries. Typica and Bourbon were the two original varieties of coffee transplanted from Ethiopia to Yemen. From there the varieties moved to the Malabar coast of India and then to the Dutch East India colony on the island of Java. From Java, the Dutch took a single coffee plant back to their botanical gardens in Europe, effectively isolating Typica’s genetic lineage. This single plant was used to populate the Americas with coffee. 

Since the height of Typica’s varietal popularity in the late 19th or early 20th centuries, it has fallen out of favor with coffee growers due to the variety’s low yields, susceptibility to pests and disease, and relatively long times to productive maturity. The saving grace for this variety is the high quality of the coffee it produces. This quality allows quality lots of this variety to command a premium at market, thus offsetting this varieties shortcomings. 

One of the reasons we chose to feature this coffee is the historic significance of this coffee: the oldest isolated variety of coffee grown on the oldest coffee farm in Panama and processed using the original sun-dried natural technique. Cups of this coffee the terminus of a single thread of coffee history that has wound round the globe countless times, changing both history and morning dispositions in its wake.

How to Brew

This coffee can produce brighter, more fruit forward cups with lower brew ratios on the order of 1:16. However, more chocolate, fruit jam forward cups are also entirely possible to achieve using a higher brew ratio of around 1:14. Brew water should be between 200-205°F. 

Varieties: Typica

Processing Method: Sun Dried Natural

Altitude:  5400-6000'

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lance Niemi
Looking for natural? Buy This.

I work in the coffee industry for years; and have drunk it for longer.

This is one of the best coffees I think I have ever had, in my life. Easily within the top 3, qualitatively.

I usually seek out natural process over washed/honey/etc, due to the complex flavors and lack of burnt smell; this coffee is hitting two for two and will get ordered again.

Fruity cups are a sure-shot, when pouring over at a 1:16.66 ratio, 42g beans/700g water for around 5 min.

As Michael's review states, there are no grassy notes or funk left over from fermentation. Another huge plus.

This coffee has no weaknesses or downsides, and i do not say that flippantly. Get this while you can, because it is a rare offering.

Michael Oh
good natural

This natural is done right. Unlike many other naturals, I found no funky ferment note here. Just fruity and sweet!

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