• Honduras - Los Yoyos
  • Honduras - Los Yoyos

Honduras - Los Yoyos




Roast level: Medium/Light

A unique micro lot from a small, award winning, farm in Honduras

Tasting notes: Concord grape, tangerine, milk chocolate.  These are not the flavors you expect from a typical Central American coffee.  Oozing with sweetness and complexity, Los Yoyos is a memorable coffee.

Producer notes:  “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me” exclaimed Eulogio Martinez (Don Yoyo), the owner/manager of the small family farm eponymously named Finca Los Yoyos.  Don Yoyo was referring to his win the in the 2015 Honduras Cup of Excellence competition.  10 years earlier Don Yoyo sold his crop as part of a regional blend, fetching prices barely above $1 per pound.  Selling for over $23 a pound, his winning 2015 crop was a reward for Don Yoyo’s diligent farm management:  selecting only ripe cherries, and drying those cherries to carefully to avoid off flavors in the humid Santa Barbara hills.

Varietals: Pacamara.

Processing method: Washed

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