• Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun


Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun

The best of Ethiopia’s diverse coffee in a singular cup

Berry, Stone Fruit, Floral



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We blended some of our favorite Ethiopian coffees to produce a superlative blend that features the best flavors that are unique to Ethiopian coffee. We are excited to release our third installment of this award-winning blend with new fresh crop coffees.

Producer Notes

The name “Thirteenth Sun” comes from a novel by contemporary Ethiopian novelist Dagiachew Werku, as well as the Ethiopian tourism tagline “Thirteen Months of Sunshine.” “Thirteenth” refers to the traditional Ethiopian calendar, which features 12 months of thirty days and a thirteenth month, called Pagume, which lasts for 5 days.

Brew Notes

This coffee can produce an extremely diverse range of flavors depending on brew device and technique. We find that using a 1:15 ratio with 190–200℉ water produces great cups.

Varieties:  Heirloom

Processing Method: Washed, Natural

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Eun Hye Lee

Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun

Don P.
Thirteenth Sun

So happy to see Thirteenth Sun return to Black Oak’s single origin’s lineup. Wonderful tasting brew. Great for breakfast or any time. Long time Black Oak fan. Keep up the good work.

Colin Maroney
Fantastic coffee

Black oak coffee were fantastic, really enjoyed them and this one was great. Will def order again

James Yang

Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun

Michael Nussbaum

Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun

Steven Jay Harry
Black Oak is a master of the smooth fruit bomb Ethiopian Naturals.

Black Oak is a master of the smooth fruit bomb Ethiopian Naturals. Only thing better would be easily ordered two pound bags for those of us that aren't a shop but do make a fair bit of coffee. Black Oak is top two in the US in Ethiopians in my opinion.

Michaelangelo Tabone

I loved this coffee!

Adam McFarland
Very delicious

Bought whole beans, grinded them myself with a hand grinder. 10/10 every morning

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