• Brazil - Arara Honey


Brazil - Arara Honey

Comforting toffee and milk chocolate from a single variety and producer in Brazil

Toffee, Milk Chocolate, Nougat   



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Arara Honey Tasting Notes

Arara Honey exemplifies what we love in Brazilian coffees: A sweet cup with low acid and a lovely mellow flavor profile. The cup begins with milk chocolate cacao nibs. A caramel sweetness combines with notes of browned butter and a mild nuttiness to create the strong impression of toffee. Light notes of dried fruit and nougat round it out.

Producer Notes  

This lot is composed of a single variety: Arara. The variety is a cross between the Obatã and Yellow Catuaí. The coffee ripens to a yellow color and gets its name from the portuguese word for macaw, with which the coffee shares its brilliant yellow color. The variety is known for its superior cup quality as well as its natural resistance to coffee leaf rust.

Processing Method: Honey

Varieties: Arara

Altitude:  3500–4100'

Roast: Light

How to brew

We recommend starting with a 1:16 brew ratio. Using less water will add to the body of the cup and concentrate the heavier chocolate notes. 205°F water works well for this coffee.

Customer Reviews

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robyn spector mccallister
Best coffee ever

I love coffee. I love black oak coffee. This arara honey puts all others to shame. The best coffee I've ever tasted.

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