• Chiapas - Bella Vista
  • Chiapas - Bella Vista


Chiapas - Bella Vista

Sweet, chocolatey, and perfectly balanced

Balanced, Chocolate, Caramel



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We are pleased to be able to celebrate and support the female coffee farmers who produce Bella Vista while supporting women’s health initiatives. This is Black Oak’s second year purchasing coffee from this stellar female owned and operated producer group. Black Oak Coffee’s project to support an organization dedicated to women’s health in coffee producing countries is the only one of its kind in the United States.

Tasting Notes

Cacao flavor dominates the initial impression of this coffee, but is quickly joined by a caramel sweetness, and notes of red fruit. The sweetness is well balanced by a mild, ever so slightly vegetal, apple acidity that makes this coffee extremely palatable both hot and iced.

About the Producers

This is the first lot of coffee produced by the 168 female farmer group that has been organized by Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia. Tovia was raised in a coffee producing region of Bella Vista in Chiapas and has dedicated her work to organizing small farmers into collectives that allow them to sell directly into specialty markets. The alternative to specialty markets are global commodity exchange markets that often price coffee at less than the cost of production for small farmers, thereby destroying the viability of small coffee farms.

How to Brew

This coffee produces great cups with a wide range of brew techniques. We recommend using between a 1:12 and 1:15 brew ratio and steeping with water between 195 and 205℉ for no more than three and a half minutes. 

Social Impact

In addition to sourcing from 100% female owned coffee farms, 10% of all profits from this coffee go to support Grounds for Health, which is an organization which screens for and treats cervical cancer in coffee producing regions. By identifying a health issue with a known solution and focusing on access, Grounds for Health is able to dramatically reduce the mortality rate from cervical cancer in developing countries. Black Oak Coffee’s project with Grounds for Health is the only one of its kind in the United States. Read more about Grounds for Health.

Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, and Catimor

Processing Method: Fully Washed, Sun Dried

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ahmed Kanna

Love this one, thanks Black Oak!

descriptors spot on

Cocoa in the beginning and green apple acidity on the finish are spot on descriptors. Great with a V60 pourover

David Curley

This is a wonderful bean. The notes are right on. More importantly "Bella" was the name of my now deceased Old English Sheepdog.
Loved her as much as the bean that is her namesake.

Kathryn T.


Jeremiah M.
What a great coffee. Every

What a great coffee. Every single origin coffee Black Oak roasts turns into gold.

Michael B.
As advertised, delicious single origin.

As advertised, delicious single origin.

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