• Kenya - Nyeri Aguthi


Kenya - Nyeri Aguthi

Big, bright, bold flavors from an amazing Kenyan coffee

Brown Sugar, Hibiscus, Vanilla



Nyeri Aguthi Tasting Notes

Nyeri Aguthi has the big, bold and extremely well-structured profile of Kenyan coffees. We picked this lot of Kenyan coffee out of dozens of samples because of its structure and amazing depth of uniquely delicious flavor.

The cup features heaps of brown sugar and molasses sweetness, which are balanced by bright red fruit flavor and acidity. Juicy red grape, plum, raspberry, and gooseberry, give way to more tart notes of cranberry, red apple, and hibiscus. As the cup finishes, subtle notes of black tea, vanilla, and nutmeg linger.

Producer Notes  

This particular lot of coffee was produced by members of the Aguthi Farmers Cooperative Society operating farms in Nyeri County, Kenya. Nyeri County is largely composed of fertile highlands that sit in the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Rich volcanic soils, abundant rainfall, and a stable climate make the foothills of the mountain an ideal place for growing coffee. For this reason, virtually all of the Kenyan coffees Black Oak has offered have originated in Nyeri County.

The varieties of coffee grown in this area also contribute to the high quality. SL34 and SL28 are widely considered to be some of the most delicious varieties of coffee. However, both varieties are wholly susceptible to all major coffee diseases, which makes their management a labor intensive enterprise. Batain and Ruiru 11 are relatively new coffee varieties that are hybrids of SL34, SL28, and a number of different varieties. These new hybrid varieties are resistant to coffee berry disease and coffee leaf rust, while retaining great cup qualities.

Nyeri Aguthi was processed at the Mungaria Wet Mill and is the product of numerous small holder farmers, half of which are owned and operated by women, which is quite significant given the traditionally patriarchal society.

Processing Method: Washed, Dried on Raised Beds  Varieties: Batain, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34

Altitude:  5900–6200'   Roast: Light

How to brew Nyeri Aguthi

We recommend starting with a stronger 1:14 brew ratio. We find that a coarser grind and higher brew ratio makes especially delicious cups of this coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Seel
Amazing single origin

I'm not the most educated palate, but I've tried a lot of different single origins from different roasters. This is one of my favorites. So balanced, light acidity, full of flavor without being dark.

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