• Rwanda - Mushonyi


Rwanda - Mushonyi

Sweet, bright, balanced, floral

Notes of Turbinado Sugar, Golden Raisin, Black Tea



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Mushonyi Tasting Notes

This washed coffee represents the best version of quintessential Rwandan coffee. It opens with tremendous sweetness and acidity. Sweet notes of turbinado sugar, sweet grains, golden raisin, and dried fruit are joined by a bright citrus acidity. A subtle tea-like floTrality joins the mix and mingles with the sweet and tangy citrus notes to produce the impression of orange blossom and a flavor reminiscent of a floral tangelo.

About The Coffee Producer

This coffee was produced by its namesake: the Mushonyi washing station. The washing station serves 1213 farmers in the surrounding area. The farms are located in the highlands surrounding Lake Kivu. Their farms are quite small, and produce a variety of other crops, so their size is measured in trees rather than size. The average farm for this lot contains around 300 coffee plants.

The Red Bourbon variety composes the entirety of this lot and really highlights the variety’s renowned sweetness, acidity, and flavor potential.

The farmers which produced this coffee are part of the RWACOF program, which helps farmers produce coffee which is better from environmental, sensory, social, and yield standpoints. The program offers soil testing, and helps distribute organic soil amendments based upon that testing. They also offer micro loans, agronomy training, and coffee seedlings as part of the program.

How To Brew This Distinctive Single Origin

A 1:14 brew ratio cooler than usual water of around 190-200°F yields complex, fruity, floral cups

Producer: Mushonyi Washing Station

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Processing Method: 3Fully Washed, 10hr Fermentation, Sun Dried

Altitude: 5300–6400'

Roast: Light

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Glenna Norris
My new favorite!

I just tried to order extra because this is definitely my new favorite EVER! So delicious. I hope it’s in my next subscription order. ❤️

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