• Rwanda - Huye Natural


Rwanda - Huye Natural

Lovely fruit forward, balanced coffee from Rwanda

Notes of Raspberry, Cacao Nibs and Cola



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Huye Natural Tasting Notes

This coffee opens with bright citrus and red fruit notes. We find raspberry and strawberry dominate the first portion of the cup. As the acidity fades, cherry notes give way to the fruity, earthy notes of cacao nibs and dark chocolate. The cup finishes with complex cola-like herbal notes.

About The Coffee Producer

Huye is a reference to both the mountain on which this coffee was grown as well as the Huye Mountain Coffee Mill which processed this coffee. The mill serves the ~1330 smallholder farmers who grow coffee to within 100 meters of the top of Mt. Huye. The farmers deliver their coffee to 26 local collection stations which allows for the timely delivery of fresh coffee cherry to the mill.

Rainfall is abundant on the mountain, which makes natural processing of coffee difficult. Depending on the weather, the coffee takes anywhere between two and four weeks to fully dry. During this period the coffee is turned, by hand, multiple times a day to prevent off-ferment and to ensure even drying

How To Brew This Natural Process Single Origin

A 1:14 brew ratio and water of around 195–205°F yields well-balanced, fruity cups

Producer: ~1330 smallholder farmers, Huye Mountain Coffee Mill

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Processing Method: Sun dried on raised beds for between 14 and 28 days

Altitude: 5300–7200'

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael M.
Very Good

Wine like body, I got hints of blueberry pie. Very good cup of coffee. I used pour over method.

Sita Packer
Good, but.....

It’s good, but lacks the depth of flavor and complexity of say, Kuta Ridge. My husband and I like it but don’t love it.

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