• Burundi - Nemba


Burundi - Nemba

A layered, sweet, single varietal offering from small holder farmers in Burundi

Notes of Brown Sugar, Black Tea and Citrus



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Nemba Tasting Notes

Nemba features dark, syrupy, sweet notes of brown sugar bordering on molasses complimented by bright, lemony, and orange citrus notes. Subtle notes of red fruit and floral notes of fine black tea round out the cup.

About The Coffee Producer

This coffee was produced by small-holder farmers in the area surrounding the Nemba washing station located in the Kayanza district of Burundi. On average, each farm contains around 150 trees in addition to staple crops. This particular lot is composed entirely of the red bourbon variety, which is renowned for its sweetness, flavor, and structure.

The washing station employs an agronomist who educates and helps farmers implement good agricultural practices based upon the terroir of their individual farm in order to help the farmers improve yields and reduce their costs.

Red bourbon, a delicious but low yielding variety, has been somewhat ubiquitous in Burundi coffee production for decades. This is largely the result of the tiny farm size in the country.

Given the small number of coffee plants on each farm, it is hard for the farmers to justify removing old rootstock to make way for new coffee plants. They will have better yields… but only after three or four years of zero production. The result is something akin to old vine wine varieties, with much of the current Burundi coffee plants half a century old.

NGO’s have arisen to provide seedlings to Burundian farmers at no cost, so eventually the old rootstock will be replaced. Until then, Burundian red bourbon lots will be something unique and worth savoring.

How To Brew This Unique Coffee

A 1:14 brew ratio cooler than usual water of around 190-200℉ yields lovely sweet, balanced, floral cups

Producer: Nemba Washing Station

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Processing Method: Fully Washed, 12hr Fermentation, Sun Dried over 14-21 days

Altitude: 4400–5800'

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Love Black Oak!


It's very good. But a little too sweet for me. It's a 5 star coffee but a 4 star for my personal pallet

New Favorite

I absolutely love this one. About to order a 5lb. bag. Light, smooth, and super drinkable.

Sita Packer
Totally yummy,

My husband and I love this rich, delicious coffee. It is a real treat.

Sergey T.
Very good

Not exceptional, but very good coffee. The roast is not very light though – I would say it looks closer to a medium side. But it seems to be a common issue with almost all light roasted coffee across the US – the coffee turns usually darker than I used to think the light roast should be.

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