• Ethiopia - Chelchele Natural
  • Ethiopia - Chelchele Natural

Ethiopia - Chelchele Natural



Looking for a cup of joyful coffee? Ethiopia Chelchele is a natural winner.

Size: 12oz

Roast level:  Medium/Light

Tasting notes: The bright start to this cup quickly gives way to unmistakably natural Ethiopian flavors of dried strawberry, and blueberry. Those fruit flavors fade into a milk chocolate that lingers into the finish alongside the subtle floral notes that are so unique to heirloom Ethiopian varieties.

Producer notes: Natural processed and dried on raised beds, the sweet, lively Ethiopia Chelchele comes from the METAD coop, a collective of local farmers — a majority of them women — with a coffee-producing history stretching back nearly 80 years. METAD has made significant investments in the coop and the surrounding communities, supporting local infrastructure development and even building Africa’s only internationally certified coffee quality control lab.

Varietals:  Heirloom

Processing method:  Natural

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