• Artisanal Wildflower Honey
  • Artisanal Wildflower Honey


Artisanal Wildflower Honey




Like a winemaker choosing the location and climate for its unique flavor potential, Lovers Lane Farm yields premium quality honey by placing hives strategically in seasonal flower sources and distinct climates. The result is a delicious, colorful array of flavorful honey, made in the same spirit and with similar subtleties to a fine, well produced wine.

Each season’s batch is consistently excellent and has its own unique taste year after year, depending on the weather, soil, and plants in the immediate area of the hive.  For food connoisseurs it is a gold mine of character. For those who like a little sweetness, Lovers Lane Farm honey is uncommonly delightful. Also happens to pair tremendously with Black Oak Coffee. 

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Kyle B
Truly Artisanal Honey

We enjoy this honey very much, using it to sweeten tea and incorporating it in our baking. While it is common for food and drink purveyors to strive for uniformity and consistency as a symbol of excellence, many of the best things we enjoy most vary by season, geography, year or batch (think wine or single malt scotch, for instance, or of course coffee), reflecting the influence of their weather and terroir. So it is with this delicious honey: it is always excellent, but sometimes the color is darker or lighter, sometimes the flavor is slightly savory, sometimes it is tangy, sometimes it seems touched by flowers or even mint. Even the viscosity and texture can vary. But this honey never fails in bringing a proper sweetness to our teas and cakes, while at the same time bringing a subtle highlight that varies with each batch.

Fast service

Easy to order and really fast delivery

mike geniella
First rate

Best honey ever

Jason Kim
As I am new to

As I am new to coffee, I do find the flavor very robust with little acidity. again and try other beans options!

Eun Hye Lee
Full of flavor

Tasty and really good quality local honey. I would like to get it again

David W.
Quick and easy to place

Quick and easy to place order and it arrived quickly as well as the glass jars packaged very safely

Philip D.
I love this unfiltered honey.

I love this unfiltered honey. I have been a honey lover for 60 years and this is the best honey I’ve had. I found it on a trip to California this past winter on my way to Ukiah but once I got it home I wished I had more. Looked online for the farm and when I saw the buy it now button I was thrilled.

Jennifer H.
Love your honey. Bought it

Love your honey. Bought it also for my daughter.

Kathryn T.


Angela L.
Delicious honey Quick service

Delicious honey
Quick service

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