• East Java - Argopuro Natural
  • East Java - Argopuro Natural


East Java - Argopuro Natural

The return of coffee from our favorite Javan coffee producers. Enjoy and savor the rebirth of world class coffee from terroir synonymous with fine coffee.

Blackberry, Red Fruit, Honey



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Coffee Tasting Notes 

Dark-red, sweet fruit notes dominate the front of these cups with flavor notes of from blackberry to plum, pomegranate, and dried strawberry. The fruit notes are rounded out by a honey sweetness, drizzled liberally throughout the tasting experience. There are undoubtedly strong chocolate notes and less than subtle hints of the earthy spices which are so characteristic of coffee from the Indonesian archipelago.

About The Coffee Producer 

Those who have been following Black Oak’s single origin coffees might remember a coffee from last year’s harvest bearing the same name. This coffee comes from the same coffee mill and the same collective of farmers which produce coffee for and operate the mill- the Pokamas Walida Collective. The collective is a non-profit organization of farmers who live and farm coffee on the slopes of Mount Argopuro. The collective was set up and is run by Pak Muhlis. Muhlis was educated in both business and agronomy at university before returning to his native home where he founded the Pokamas Walida Collective. The combination of unique terroir, agronomy, and control over the coffee milling process allows the collective to consistently produce what are undoubtedly some of the finest lots of Javan coffee.

This particular coffee is a blend of two lots of coffee from the Pokamas Walida. Half of the coffee is a natural process(dried with the fruit fully intact), while the other half is a honey process (dried with some of the fruit still attached). The natural processed component brings big, bright, red fruit notes to the cup, which can be a bit overwhelming and acidic. The honey processed component brings a huge amount of sweetness and some spicy notes which rounds out the blend.

How To Brew This Specialty Coffee

Cups of this coffee are well balanced and accept a fair range of brew parameters. We recommend between a 1:14 and 1:16 brew ratio. Increase or decrease the brew ratio from there to adjust the intensity of the cups to your liking. Brew water should be between 200–205°F

Varieties: Lini S795 & Kartika

Processing Method: Natural and Honey 

Producer: Pokamas Walida Collective

Altitude: 3900–4600' 

Roast: Light 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Benjamin D Jacobs
You are

The best

Wiliam Florez
Enjoyable cup.

Great cup of coffee. Its fruity and sour taste is delightful. Great for an espresso.

ulrich link

Nice typically pungent Indonesian type profile. Perhaps a bit too heavy on the dark chocolate notes and not quite enough of the exotic forest floor/pipe tobacco notes I expect from Indonesia/Java/Sumatras

Matthew Baxley
Very tasty

Very juicy and sweet. Always impressed by black oak!

Joseph Bartek
Beautifully Done

Love the flavor profile here, and it can be easily manipulated to create new tasting notes 2 weeks out on different pour overs. Can’t wait to get an espresso machine and revisit this next year.

My first Java

To my mouth, this coffee combines the yummy fruity notes of an Ethiopian bean with the the deeper, crisp flavors of Central American beans. These beans are delicious! The tasting club continues to surprise me every month, delivering an unique new single-origin that is PERFECTLY roasted. I can't express strongly enough how good Black Oak is, they're absolutely one of the best roasters in the country. If you like high-end coffee and care about it's craft, then you will definitely appreciate the artistry and care on display from Black Oak!

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