• Snow Day - Limited Edition Holiday Roast

Snow Day - Limited Edition Holiday Roast

There's something about snow. 

Dark Chocolate, Dried Cherry, Earthy Spices


When we were kids, we prayed for snow to cover Ukiah and bring daily responsibilities to a halt. We dreamed of snowball fights and watery eyes, soaked jeans and big smiles. One morning, years ago, we all woke up to 4” of magical white snow across Ukiah. Seemed like all that finger-crossing worked. Of course, we’re still busy wishing for more. And every December, you’re sure to run across a neighbor asking “do you think it’ll snow this year?”

In honor of school closing, traffic thinning, and kids playing, say hello to Snow Day. Our holiday blend, like a day off to play in the snow, is comforting but lively, and absolutely reinvigorating.

Pairs well with: Snow

Blended Coffees: Natural Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico Chiapas

Share your favorite snow day memories with us: #blackoaksnowday

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