• Papua New Guinea - Kainantu


Papua New Guinea - Kainantu

The perfect flavor profile for Winter

Winter Spices, Full Bodied



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We purchased this coffee because it exhibits the best version of a flavor that is largely unique to the Indonesian archipelago and Papua New Guinea. This particular flavor profile is quite delightful during the fall and winter. The coffee features loads of dark sweet flavors like brown sugar and rich molasses, which is rounded out by a subtle acidity. The middle and end of this coffee, especially as it cools, is composed of warm earthy notes such as fine tobacco, herbal cola, as well as fall and winter spices.

Producer Notes
Produced in the remote Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and takes its name from the small town of Kainantu that serves as the local hub for coffee farmers and merchants. The rugged and unique terroir creates all manner of microclimates within tiny geographical areas. In addition, the varieties of coffees that compose this lot are top quality. Typica and Bourbon are well known for both their quality and historical significance and the unique terroir of the Eastern Highlands creates interesting plays on those clean, sweet cup profiles. The Arusha variety is quite unique as it is only widely cultivated in Tanzania and Papua New Guinea. The variety is the product of Scott Laboratories which in 1936 created the variety as the product of a crossbreeding event between Bourbon and Typica. This variety, along with terroir, is one of the reasons why this lot features warm earthy notes. 

This lot was produced by the Arokara Cooperative, which was started by the Rural Development Bank and transitioned to being fully owned and operated by locals. Many of the farms are operated by local families and extended family clans, which also continue the tradition of growing subsistence crops alongside their coffee trees.

The coffee is harvested, pulped, and washed for 36 hours before being sun dried.

Brew Notes
Produces great cups with coffee:water ratios of about 1:15 and lower temperature brew water about 190-200°F.

Varieties:  Typica, Bourbon, Arusha     Processing Method: Washed

Size: 12oz      Roast: Light     Altitude: 4300—5300'

Customer Reviews

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Carol Mulvenon

I liked this blend. Not as much as wagon wheel or black Bart but those are my “go-to” favorites from black oak. I enjoyed the different flavor of this and alway appreciate being able to sample a bag like this every once in a while… said while she takes another sip.

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