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  • Crosstown Espresso
  • Crosstown Espresso
  • Crosstown Espresso

Crosstown Espresso



Size: 12oz

Roast level: Medium/light

Tasting notes:  Sweet, complex with fruit notes over a base of creamy chocolate. 

Detailed description:  Our goal with Crosstown Espresso is sheer bliss.  Crosstown has a sweet, velvety chocolate base that reminds us of Willy Wonka opening up the taps.  The blend, consisting of two or three different coffees, has a high-toned component designed to give the shot a complex, bright finish.   Crosstown is named after our goal for our espresso roast:  to make our customers drive across our home town to get our espresso and milk drinks. 

Brewing recommendations:  Rest 3-5 days after roast.  We brew our espresso with a 18 gram dose in a VST basket.  Final yield is 38-43 grams of liquid espresso coffee.  The total shot time varies from 20-30 seconds.

Pair With: As straight espresso, try it with a bit of dark chocolate, candied nuts or chocolate cake. For milk drinks, you can't go wrong with a plain or chocolate croissant or a biscotti. 

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