• DR Congo - Kivu


DR Congo - Kivu

We are overjoyed to be able to present this stunning Congolese coffee produced by the Muungano Cooperative - an organic, fair trade coop with significant female ownership.

Dried Apricot, Amber Honey, Night Jasmine



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Kivu Tasting Notes

This coffee opens with a plum-like acidity and an overwhelming amount of the complex, subtle floral, sweetness of a dark amber honey. The syrupy honey sweetness lingers long after the brightness of the plum fades, giving way to more floral apricot and peach flavors with hints of jasmine. The sweetness continues well after the last hints of fruit have passed, lingering pleasantly.

Producer Notes  

Kivu is grown at between 1480 and 2000 meters above sea level in a mountainous region on the North-West shore of Lake Kivu. The extreme altitude acts as a natural defense against insect pests and helps enable the Muungano Cooperative to use organic farming methods. The collective is composed of 4141 farmers, of which 1849 are women. Muugano translates to “togetherness” in the Swahili language. Gender equality and inclusiveness of differing ethnic groups is a core principle of the Muugano Cooperative. The collective produces less than ten containers of coffee annually, and is widely regarded as the finest producer of coffee in the DRC.

Varieties: Mainly Bourbon 

Processing Method: Washed, Sun-dried on raised beds

How to brew

This coffee produces amazing cups that differ widely but wonderfully with different methods. On one end of the spectrum 1:12 brew ratios produce cups that highlight the sweet, syrupy, full-bodied aspects of the coffee, while 1:16 brew ratios better highlight the florals. We recommend steeping with water between 195 and 205℉ for no more than three and a half minutes.

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Fantastic! This coffee is going
So delicous! Aeromatic, open, sweet

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