• Black Bart<br/>Dark Roast Blend<br>5 Pound Bag
  • Black Bart Dark
  • Black Bart<br/>Dark Roast Blend<br>5 Pound Bag
  • Black Bart<br/>Dark Roast Blend<br>5 Pound Bag


Black Bart
Dark Roast Blend
5 Pound Bag

A uniquely enjoyable dark roast

Earthy, smoky and sweet

Whole Bean Only



The outlaw Black Bart hid out just miles from our Ukiah roaster during his stagecoach robbing days, so it’s only right to name our dark roast after him — because Black Bart Dark is an outlaw, too. We blend 3 coffees, roasted to different levels: one roasted dangerously dark, one roasted medium, and one light. This blending style gives Black Bart a dark smoky flavor with full-bodied layers of complexity and sweetness that you’ll usually only find in lighter roasts. Designed to taste great straight black or with milk and sugar, Black Bart is a delicious match for savory breakfasts.

Recommended Brewing:
Brew as drip coffee using a ratio of 16oz water (2 Cups) for every 5.6oz medium/fine ground coffee. See our drip brewing in action.

Pair With: Bacon, eggs benedict & other savory breakfast dishes

Size: 80oz/5lb

Roast level: Dark


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