• Ethiopia - Gedeo Natural


Ethiopia - Gedeo Natural

A classic, berry fruit forward, natural coffee from the famous Gedeo plateau of Ethiopia

Blueberry, Floral, Strawberry



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Hot cups of this coffee are dominated by sweet bright red fruit notes like strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry. Floral notes are also undoubtedly present, albeit in a more subdued manner than the fruit notes. As the cup cools, notes of darker fruits become more prominent with dark red wine grapes, chocolate, blackberry, and blueberry composing the notes on the fully cooled cup.

Producer Notes
This coffee is produced in the Gedeo Zone from which it takes its name. Gedeo is a geographical zone comprising a small, high altitude, plateau that is absolutely perfect for growing coffee. This unique terroir has given rise to a unique culture surrounding the cultivation of coffee. Coffee mills compete to purchase the finest lots of coffee from farmers who both know how to produce incredible coffee and know the value of their crop.

Flavors commonly exist in this zone that hardly exist elsewhere. Peach, vanilla, tropical fruits, jasmine, honeysuckle, coconut, the list of flavors present in this zone hardly seem like they could ever be used to describe coffee, but it is impossible to explain the flavor of these coffees without those terms.

This lot, along with many lots purchased by Black Oak Coffee, comes from the Aricha washing station, which currently processes the coffee from around 650 farmers who operate farms that average just two hectares.

Brew Notes
Gedeo Natural produces great cups with coffee:water ratios of about 1:15 and lower temperature brew water about 190-200°F.

Producer: 650 Smallholder Farmers using the Aricha Wetmill

Varieties:  Indigenous Landraces & Selections      

Processing Method:  Raised Bed Natural

Size: 12oz      Roast: Light     Altitude: 6200–7900'

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best of the Best!

Hands down one of the years best coffees.

Alan Foster
Another great Ethiopian coffee

This coffee is rich, full, berry and chocolate, and clean.

Lyle Gayne
Outstanding Ethiopian natural, with the wonderful fruitiness I prefer.

Outstanding Ethiopian natural, with the wonderful fruitiness I prefer.

michelle wirrell

This is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. The fist sip and I was in coffee heaven. So smooth! Getting ready to order another bag.

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