• Colombia - Finca Chambakú Natural


Colombia - Finca Chambakú Natural

Dried chocolate dipped cherries in this delicious cup of naturally processed meticulously grown coffee

Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Dried Strawberry, Dark Chocolate



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Tasting Notes

Bright red fruit flavors such as red grape, bing and morello cherry, plum, and fresh strawberry highlight this complex and delicious natural processed coffee. The sipping experience is akin to tasting dried, chocolate dipped, fruits.

About the Producers

Finca Chambakú is largely run by Juan Felipe Restrepo a Q Grader and partner of the farm. He is responsible for the design of the protocols and the process that benefit the quality of the coffee produced and processed on the farm, which doubles as a coffee mill and processing facility. The design of the farm started by selecting land that best met temperature and humidity requirements for the cultivation of sugar-rich coffee fruits. The exhaustive harvest involves a float process that eliminates less dense, and therefore less developed, less sweet, coffee cherries. The remaining high quality, dense, coffee is moved into large tanks where aerobic fermentation takes place over a 16-hour period of time using a starter culture of microbes prepared from the most successful fermentations of previous harvests. After the fermentation, the coffee is transferred to raised beds in a greenhouse where it dries for two days. Finally, the drying process is finished in an airing process that lasts an additional two days after which the coffee fruit is removed from the now finished coffee.

Anaerobic fermentations are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world where rainfall and humidity prevent traditional natural processing. Finca Chambakú is located in one such area. The rainfall and humidity make a traditional natural process difficult to execute well, so instead a more controlled anaerobic fermentation is used. While the infrastructure necessary to successfully carry out an anaerobic fermentation is much more expensive than a traditional natural fermentation, the flavors produced are quite astounding and are the primary driver in this technique’s rapidly growing popularity.

Finca Chambakú is a 12-hectare farm located outside the town of Villamaría in the department of Caldas. Caldas is a mountainous region that receives abundant rainfall that makes it ideal for growing coffee. The name Caldas is a tribute to the colombian naturalist, patriot, lawyer, mathematician, engineer, inventor, and martyr for Colombian Independence, Francisco José de Caldas.

How to Brew

This coffee can produce brighter, more fruit forward cups with lower brew ratios on the order of 1:16. However, more chocolate, fruit jam forward cups are also entirely possible to achieve using a higher brew ratio of around 1:14. Brew water should be between 200-205°F. 

Varieties: Castillo

Processing Method: Anaerobic Natural

Altitude:  5900-7200'

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simlpy delicious!

When this says it has chocolate and dried strawberry notes, it's not joking! It's now my go-to post lunch coffee, drip with a touch of milk.

Luxurious and rich.

Just opening the bag, I was greeted by a bouquet of floral and berry fruit woven ingenuously throughout this coffee. The rich deep chocolate undertones support a really palate energizing berry fruit accent and the cherry notes standing out well. It's a perfect roast that brings out all of the nuances this producer obviously worked very diligently to achieve. It rivals some of the excellent Ethiopians I've experienced from Black Oak, and to me that's saying a lot. I'm at about the eighth coffee from Black Oak I've tried and this is at the top with Bensa Natural, which is sublime as well.

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