• Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun - 5 Pound Bag


Ethiopia - Thirteenth Sun - 5 Pound Bag

The best of Ethiopia’s growing regions in a singular cup

Berry, Floral, Complex

Whole Bean Only



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We blended two award winning Ethiopian coffees to give Thirteenth Sun a sweet and fruity body with an elegant floral finish with hints of apricot stone fruit. 

Producer Notes:

We blended the best of Ethiopia’s flavors together by combining two distinct single origin coffees from different cooperatives.  We re-upped and re-formulated last year’s award-winning blend with fresh crop coffees (each an award winner on their own). Then we created a blend that won in four distinct categories at Golden Bean 2019.

The name “Thirteenth Sun” comes from a novel by contemporary Ethiopian novelist  Dagache Werku, as well as the Ethiopian tourism tagline “Thirteen Months of Sunshine.”  “Thirteenth” refers to the traditional Ethiopian calendar, which features 12 months of thirty days and a thirteenth month, called Pagume, which lasts for 5 days. 

Varieties:  Heirloom

Coffees:  Ethiopia Sakaro, Ethiopia Aricha Natural

Processing Method: Washed, Natural

Awards: Thirteenth Sun won four medals in the 2019 Golden Bean of North America competition

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

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